Un Helva (Flour Helva)

Okay, one day, my husband mentioned about un helva, and how much he loved it. I honestly never tried un helva in my life, and never saw it either. So I flipped a turkish cook book, and thought that it looked good and decided to make it. When my husband came home he loved it, but I was curious if he was just being nice to me..lol..so I brought it to my turkish friend (turkish guru for my turkish cooking), and she told me that it tasted good, but it is not quite the right un helva….lol…that’s what I needed to hear! She said I should’ve cooked it a more until the color becomes caramelized (from the sugar), therefore making it brown instead of pale cream color….

Well, I didn’t do well, making me curious to eat the REAL UN HELVA when I go to Turkey so I can make the right one..lol…but anyways, I’ll still show you what I made so you will know what not to make..hehehe….


Sekerpare (Turkish Sugar Cookies)

I got this recipe today when I went to the Turkish girls gathering. These cookies are like sugar cookies, but it’s made similar to a baklava or kadayif in a way, because after baking the cookies, you soak them in sugar water afterwards – therefore making it a really nyummy soft cookie! Gotta try!

*p.s: thanks Gülşah for the recipe!*

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The original recipe was in indonesian, so bare with me while explaining it ayte 🙂 I got it from a multiply site, but couldn’t remember where, but wow, it’s delish!


Shaheen’s Banana Pudding

100_0838.jpgI got this recipe from a dear friend Shaheen. It’s soooo easy and really GOOD! The first time I tasted I kept on eating it, and even asked Shaheen to make it for my wedding day!

Okay here ya go..


  • 2 packet 5-Minute Jell-O Vanilla pudding (or one large packet) *this one is halal, insy.*
  • 1 package Nilla Wafer Cookies
  • 3-4 Ripe Banana, sliced.
  • 1 bucket of Whip Cream

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