and 4 years later….

Hello my wonderful readers (are you there? lol)
So….it’s 2014. Four years since the last time I even posted anything in this site.

I can’t believe I never did anything in this beloved website of mine. I almost even forgot it even existed until I met a friend of mine that have a blog and it reminded me I ever had one. I guess being busy with two kids (this is probably only an excuse haha), I had no extra time to write or update anything. Although, I would say I have a happy life, alhamdulillah, the person that I was in 2009 is definitely different than who I am today. Our family is also evolving. That’s why I realized I need this blog. I need to write. Not just recipes, but also different things. Preserve the memories. I need to share what I learnt, what I love, crafts I did, etc.

Anyways, enough of this jibberish haha….start typing! :)-
(sorry in advance, if I butcher english grammar like crazy! )


3 thoughts on “and 4 years later….

  1. This is so cute, I love it… welcome back to blogging I love how you just write what’s on your mind, it’s so funny to look back at years later. Can’t wait to read more from you ❤


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