A “fishy” post from 2005…




Since I was talking about how we evolve in my previous post, it’s funny because in some sense I was still the same person that love to think positively about life. I just had to share this post of mine in another untouched blog that I have dated dated January 5th, 2005 because it’s something I always want to be reminded of.





My Mom told me today that at times we are lika a fish….

When I was driving to Chicago today to buy our monthly Indonesian grocery, me and my mom were talking about one of our neighborX, that was stressed out because she lost her job , and couldn’t find a job anywhere. X was so depressed that since a year ago, she stayed at home in front of the TV and fed herself until she gained more than 50 pounds!. X’s mom cried and told my mom how her daughter only lives only to breath, does not believe in God anymore, and that X is losing her mind and also her health. Why does all this have to happen only because of a job?.X is not only ruining herself, but also ruining her mother, her father, and everyone by acting that way.

My mom told me today that at times we are like a fish….

Why? Because when we try to catch a fish to move it to another bowl, they go berserk and struggle as hard as they can to be loose; not knowing that we are actully moving them to another place that is bigger, cleaner, and nicer than the old bowl.

The angry fish’s atittitude is similar like what most of us will do when God give us a test and trial. We cry, complain, get depressed and angry, denying the fact of the reality; where He actually could be doing us a favor of putting us to a better situation.

In short, what we need to remember is that we do not know what Our Creator actually has for us. Maybe He’s not giving us what we want, not because He hates us, but because He loves us and that it is good for us in the long run. We might not know, and feel a deep pain at that moment, but believe and have trust in Him. Don’t loose hope in Him and keep on praying to Him as He is the Best of Planner.
May Allah gives us all a big heart full of patience, and make everything easy for us. Amin.




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