Radhin’s rice,butter,and cheese

After looking at my site, my little brother wants to post his recipe in here too…He’s only 13 but masha Allah great at cooking! This recipe is one of his ‘inventions’ and is written in his own words. It’s simple and delicious to do for those of you who are CHEESE- lover like my bro. Love you Radhin and thanks for the recipe 🙂

rice,butter,and cheese

2 tablespoons butter

1/4 cooked rice
2 slices of cheese
4 mushrooms
2 eggs
a pinch of garlic salt & pepper

first,melt butter in a medium heat pan.cut mushrooms in dices.crack eggs in a bowl and put mushroom in the bowl.put slices of cheese in the bowl.stir mushrooms,eggs,and cheese.put rice in the pan.pour your egg mixture into the pan and mix.put your rice on a plate when eggs have been done.sprinkle garlic salt and pepper.for garnish put basil on top.bonapete!!!!!!


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